This Free Online Tool Can Remove the Background From Your Photos Using AI in Seconds

Removing background from photos is very common, but it’s also a slow, manual, and painful process. It turns out someone has managed to solve it. A new free online tool called is able to remove backgrounds from photos in about five seconds. You no longer need Photoshop or any other complex photo editing software to quickly remove backgrounds from a photo.

All you have to do is select a photo from your computer on the website, upload it, and you’ll receive results within seconds. lets you download a resulting image in PNG format, with a transparent background.

The free online tool uses AI (artificial intelligence) to understand background and foreground patterns in photos. The only catch here is that currently, it can only remove backgrounds from portrait shots. The AI searches for a person in a photo and removes the background from it. Another downside is that you can only download photos up to 500×500 pixels in size as of now.

The website also claims it will soon release an easy-to-use API in case developers want to integrate the free tool on their app or website. It also says that they are looking to allow users to download photos at a higher resolution in the future.

We tried it out for ourselves and it works pretty well. It’s able to remove the background from most portrait shots where the foreground is quite clear.