Get the Right Help When Choosing a Mixer for Your Business

If you pause for a moment and think of all the products you use that are actually mixtures of a number of ingredients rather than a single component, you can understand the importance of blenders in everyday life. This is true whether it is a home application or an industrial setting. Industrial equipment may do some of the same types of things, but on a much larger scale. Whether your mixture is the finished product that your business sells to its customers, or it is something that you have to use to make another product, you will likely need an industrial mixer of some type. The nature and size of the equipment will depend on the specifics of your operation. Companies like Aim Blending Technologies can supply you with just about any size and style you can imagine. If your needs are unique and a stock unit will not do the job, you can always opt for a custom-designed unit.

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Finding the right mixer is a little more complicated than just looking at something in a catalogue and placing the order. You must consider the volume of product that is required. Throughput time can be critical as well, in order to meet the requirements necessary to keep the operation going. Once you have a good idea of these two factors, you need to look at the specifics of the products that are being blended.


The first thing to consider is the form of the products that are being mixed. Are liquids or solids being mixed together? It may be that liquids are being mixed with solids to form a final product that is in liquid form. Many times, it is much cheaper to buy material in bulk in powdered or other solid form and mix it onsite rather than buying it as a liquid.


You must also consider the viscosity of the products being mixed. The thicker the material is, the more robust the mixer must be designed. Get a mixer that is not sturdy enough to hold up while mixing thicker materials and it will not last. Plus, it may not do the job adequately in the first place. If you err on the side of having a mixer that is too robust, it might not operate efficiently.


When you are considering the purchase of a mixer for your industrial application, you should rely on the expertise of the engineers of the mixer company. They can spec out the right size and type. They will also know whether you need a ribbon mixer, a paddle mixer, or one of the many other types that are available. Getting the right help up front can prevent a lot of frustrations later.