Discounted apps for your new iOS device

In Part One of this article, we listed some of the many, many great deals on Mac apps and games that the new Mac owner might be interested in. We’ve also routinely posted iOS app deals when they come along, sometimes as part of the Daily Deals column and also as standalone specials, such as we did on Thursday. This time, we’re looking at apps and games you might want to download if you’ve just gotten a shiny new iOS device, either your first one or just your latest one.

While many of these specials cover the holiday period, don’t forget that new iOS device owners get Christmas every day by qualifying for a range of free Apple programs they can download, including the full “iWork” suite of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, along with other apps. Apple has also listed couple dozen great apps and games in a collection where each of the programs can be had for a mere 99 cents. From the “Pocket” version of drawing app Procreate to the note-taking app Notability to highly-regarded or cultishly-popular games such as Alto’s Adventure, I Am Bread, Bleek, and Goat Simulator. There’s at least one there that will go well beyond the fine apps your iOS device included, and remember — you can also gift these great app deals to others who got iOS devices this year.

Non-game iOS apps

While there is an astonishing amount of stuff you can do with an iPad or iPhone that doesn’t involve games, let’s not kid ourselves: games is the biggest and most popular category of apps, because the number one thing people do when they have some downtime is pull out their iPhone, whether its to check their messages, post their food on Facebook, or while away the waiting time with a quick round or two from a favorite game.

As mentioned above, Apple has a few non-game ideas on sale, but we also dug up a few more, includingDuet Display (which lets you use the iPad as a second Mac monitor) for $10 (normally $16), and 2Do (one guess what that does) which is now $8 (was $15). If you’re looking for a diary or journal, there’s Momento for half off (now just $1), and Day One for $1 (normally $5).

Readdle is discounting a bunch of their highly-regarded apps: we particularly like Scanner Pro (was $3, now $1), but there’s also Calendars 5, an alternative calendar program that ties nicely into Google Calendar (was $10 now $5); PDF Expert 5 for working with PDF forms (was $10, now $5); and Printer Pro, for sending documents from your iOS device to your printer (was $7, now $3). Darsoft has two of its PDF programs on sale as well: PDF Forms (was $9, now $4) and PDF Printer (was $6, now $4).

While nearly all of the apps we mention here are universal for all iOS devices, some still have separate iPad and iPhone versions. One example is astronomy app Star Walk for iPhone and Star Walk HD for iPad (both were $3 each, now $1 each). There’s also Awesome Note 2 for iPhone and for iPad, both now just $3 each (normally $4 and $5, respectively). Speaking of note-taking apps, Notes Plus is exclusively for iPad, and it’s down to $7 from the normal $10.

If you need some weather info, Instaweather Pro is free (normally $3), and Thermo-Hygrometer (what the what?) is half-off at $1 (usually $2). If you want to wake up, try Red Clock (was $2, now $1). Need another calculator, we think you’ll like Digits (was $4, now $1), and if you’re impressed enough with these apps that you want to try making your own, check out AppCooker (was $30, now $20). We also have a few apps where we mentioned the discounted Mac versions, including to-do list Clear (was $5, now $2), Deliveries for tracking packages (was $5, now $3) and Macphun’s FX Photo Studio (now free, was $1). Speaking of photo apps, Halftone will turn your photos into comics for $1 (normally $2).

Some other little non-game gems you might enjoy include photo-captioning app Word Swag (was $4, now $1), sound-sampling app Loopy HD (was $4, now $3), Awesome Calendar (was $7, now $3), City Maps 2Go Pro (was $5, now $1), and Fitness Buddy for just $3 instead of the usual $4. Related to that, don’t forget aboutFit Men Cook for healthy recipes, now just $1 (was $3).

Moar gamez!

We mentioned a couple at the start of this in the Apple collection, but we omitted the awesome Leo’s Fortune,Tiny Guardians, Trick Shot, and Ski Safari 2 that are also part of that sale. Some really big-name titles are priced to move as well, including all three of the Infinity Blade series (I, II, III), all now priced at $1; and a ridiculous number of Final Fantasy titles (II, III, the iPad version of Final Fantasy III, IV, IV: The After Years, V,VI, and VII for both iPhone and iPad, along with Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions available separately for iPhone and iPad). All the Final Fantasy titles are half off, which saves you between $5 and $8 per game from the regular price. We may have just set a record for the most links in a single paragraph ever, just there.

Some of our other personal favorites that are now on sale include the gorgeous quest puzzlers Oceanhorn(was $9, now $5) and Bastion (was $5, now $1), and Sid Meier’s Starships (was $10, now $5). We are also fond of Badland (was $5, now $3) and a favorite from our SNES days, The Secret of Mana (iPhone only, was $8, now $4). The Room and The Room 2 are both on sale; the former is iPad-only, and free (usually $1), while the latter is universal, and now $2 (normally $3). We also love Chrono Trigger (was $10 now $5), old-fashioned board game Ticket to Ride (was $7, now $3), and Lara Croft Go (Apple’s Game of the Year, was $5 now $2).

There’s no way we can document them all, but we do want to mention a couple of dozen others that caught our eye, including the Hitman Essentials bundle (includes Hitman Go and Sniper, was $8 now $1),DuckTales: Remastered (was $10, now $1) and Toca Lab (was $3, now $1) for the kids, XCOM: Enemy Within (was $10, now $5), and a raft of cheap sports games, including NBA 2K16, NHL 2K, WWE 2K, and RBI Baseball 15, all of which are sale-priced for between $1 and $4, and generally half to two-thirds off their normal price.

Oh, that egg nog is calling our name, but before we go, here’s some final other great app deals: there’s still a couple of games that are temporarily free that we didn’t mention previously, such as the excellent Attack the Light, God of Light, and Burn the Corn. Games that are down to just $1 include Hyper Square, Duet Game,Kingdom Rush Origins (iPhone only, that one), King Oddball, Space Inversion 2, Skip-Bo, Phase 10, Surgeon Simulator, and To-Fu Fury.

For a mere $2 apiece, games like Goat Simulator: GoatZ, the entire series of Lego Harry Potter games (Years 1-4 and Years 5-7), and the Lego Movie Video Game and Lego Lord of the Rings could be yours, along withSpace Invaders Infinity Gene. For $3 each, you can grab Goat Simulator MMO, the outstanding Broken Age,Kingdom Rush HD for iPad, and Transistor, all at at least 33 to 50 percent (if not more) off their normal price. If your family thought you kept your nose buried in your iOS device before, they haven’t seen anything yet. Enjoy, and have a “app-y” holiday.