Apple releases 9.2.1 beta 2 for developers, public testers

On Monday, Apple updated its iOS beta program for the first time since before the holidays, with a new build of iOS 9.2.1, coming three weeks after the last one and with the build number only updated three times, suggesting that either development work slowed during the Christmas season or possibly hinting that changes are extremely minor, meaning that a public release is likely to come soon. The new build, 13D14, is just three increments higher than the previous build in mid-December.

No change log has been published for the new build, but the update is thought to be concerned only with minor tweaks and fixes along with the usual security improvements. The iOS 9.2 update, issued earlier last month, included a number of notable changes to Apple apps such as Music, iBooks, and News, as well as updating support for a new Lightning to SD card designed for the iPad Pro. The new beta is available on the Mac App Store to registered developers and pre-registered public testers.